About us

Suzhou Huamei Sewing Co., Ltd. is a computer sewing machine equipment company integrating R & D, design, production and sales.
Huamei Sewing Co., Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer specializing in computer pattern machines.
In 1998, it began to carry out technical communication and exchange with well-known companies such as Japan and Germany on computer pattern machines and computer sewing machines for R & D and manufacturing. Therefore, the initial 8-person R & D and design team was established to control various links such as graphic design planning, supply chain selection, performance test and so on.


Corporate culture

We uphold the concept of selflessness, diligence and a common future. We believe in the power of sincerity and perfection. We advocate the spirit of self-confidence and nature. We believe that struggle is a lifelong career. Strivers never give up, work together with the same goal, work together with the same dream, and win-win cooperation. Timing, geography and people are harmonious. If they are the same from top to bottom, those who want will win. We are grateful, Will feel the beauty of the cause and light up the pace of moving forward。
Our mission: continue to create outstanding value for customers, society and employees
Our values: responsibility, sincerity, sunshine and brilliance