Suzhou Huamei Sewing Co., Ltd. is a computer sewing machine equipment company integrating R & D, design, production and sales.
Huamei Sewing Co., Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer specializing in computer pattern machines.
In 1998, it began to carry out technical communication and exchange with well-known companies such as Japan and Germany on computer pattern machines and computer sewing machines for R & D and manufacturing. Therefore, the initial 8-person R & D and design team was established to control various links such as graphic design planning, supply chain selection, performance test and so on. After five years, the first computer pattern machine of the R & D and design team was successfully produced in the autumn of 2003. After four years of repeated testing, the product has stable performance and outstanding efficiency. Our company established Huamei sewing machinery and equipment firm in 2007 and listed Huamei brand computer pattern machines. With scientific management, strict quality inspection and technical team, our company takes the lead in making the company create one technological innovation after another.
It is mainly used for shoemaking sling, car seat cover, fitness equipment, medical supplies, pet supplies.